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  • What are 3D renderings?
    3D rendering is the process of turning a 2D image files into a virtual 3D model. The 3D rendering process can include layering in a variety of styles, including photorealism or line drawings. We use 3D renderings to illustrate internal and external architectural designs, landscaping, architectural animation, 3D floor plans, and more.
  • Are 3D renderings necessary? Why?
    Yes! 3D technology has spread in such a way that it is becoming a standard expectation in this market space. Both buyers and sellers have adopted this advancement because of its ease and efficiency in communicating even nuanced aspects of a property. And given a choice, potential clients gravitate to the compelling visuals. Remember, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” To save time on explanations, increase chances of a presale, and avoid costly construction errors—3D renderings are a must!
  • I don't have any drawings to start with. Can you help?
    Yes! With just a description of your idea and some image examples, we can create sketches before progressing to your fully expressed concept.
  • I don't have any drawings at all to start with. Can you help?
    Yes! With just a description of your idea and some image examples, I can create sketches from which we progress to your fully expressed concept.
  • What are your project size limitations?
    There is no size limit, whether the project is a simple bedroom remodel or a grand urban multi-story development.
  • Does "Dimensions" only work on residential projects?"
    No! The majority of our 3D projects are residential, however, we’re able to help clients in all industries. We have experience in a wide variety of project types including hospitality, educational, commercial, and more.
  • What is the normal turnaround on a single rendering?
    The average turnaround is 4-8 days, depending (of course) on the size and level of detail involved.
  • What is the average cost of a single rendering?
    Every project is unique, and pricing is determined by the drawings, level of detail needed, and timeline required. Once we see the requirments we will be able to give you the right estimate.
  • What if I'm not satisifed with the initial rendering(s)? Are do-overs extra?
    Most adjustments present no problem and are part of the process without additional charges. Significant changes to the initial design are discussed at the time of revision. If you are not satisfied with results after we have worked together on your needs and changes, we will a 100% money back guarantee.
  • I'm outside California and need your serivces, Can you assist?"
    Yes! Though we are headquartered in California, Dimensions' services are provided all over the 50 states.
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