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Get Your Host Rental Seen: Terrific Floor Plans, 1-2-3.

Updated: Mar 1

How EZ Is It to Get Professional 2D/3D Floor Plans for Your Rental? Very Easy.

Because floor plans anticipate answers for so many prospects, especially plans in 3D,

you naturally wish to include these diagrams with your listings. Besides, they're one

more eyeball grabber to keep them paying attention to the benefits you offer over the

competition. Nobody should miss out on all the good you bring.

Yours is a professional operation, too, so what's the easiest way to impress this on

those giving your place a look? The following tells you how!

STEP 1: Get Pencil & Paper

Just draw out the layout of your rental—a simple map will do. No need to judge;

there's no sketch shaming allowed here! Clear lines are very helpful, though. If grid

paper helps you, use that, but plain paper is fine.

When drawing the plan of your place, think about those amenities you are most proud

of providing and do not want page visitors to overlook. This includes appliances,

entertainment assets, furnishings—those special things that provide for an especially

comfortable and magical stay. Of course, don't leave anything out that may otherwise

allow an impression that then disappoints and leads to a less than sterling review; instead,

let it be more wonderful than they imagined. You need not detail everything. Some

measurements are required to provide scale for the floor plan, so include those for

wall length where you can.

STEP 2: Send a Pic / Scan of Your Drawing Via Email

Now that you have visually described the lay of the space you are advertising, all you

do is photograph or scan the image into a data file you can zip along as an email

attachment. Notate in your message anything you believe may need further clarification

or particular attention. That's it!

In a matter of days, a 2D architectural floor plan will be delivered back to you. If you

would rather have the plan in 3D, simply specify your preference—or ask for both, if

you like. The price schedule at "Dimensions" gives a discount rate for the combination.

If needed, an additional email round to iron out inconsistencies creates the final image.

STEP 3: Post Your Floor Plan

There you are!

Consistent application of quality rendered architectural floor plans in your property

listings demonstrates to everyone that you truly mean business. Quality tenants

themselves will appreciate this. Have them gravitate to you.

Floor plans are a vital tool for making many things clearer to prospects to avoid

needless correspondence and potential friction. "Dimensions" understands how

important this tool is to you and your rental. Contact Riad today and see for yourself.

Dimensions is known for the attention by which it cares for clients.

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