Is this type of product really that necessary now?

Yes. The technology has spread such that it is becoming a standard expectation in this market space.
Both buyers and sellers have adopted this advancement for its ease and efficiency in communicating even nuanced aspects to a property. And given a choice, potential clients gravitate to the compelling visuals, which is understandable seeing how we human beings are vision oriented.
Remember, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” To save time on explanations, increase chances of a presale, and avoid costly construction errors—3D renderings are a must!

I don't have any drawings at all to start with. Can you help?

Yes! With just a description of your idea and some image examples, I can create sketches from which we progress to your fully expressed concept.

What is the normal turnaround on a single rendering?

The average turnaround is 4-8 days, depending (of course) on the size and level of detail involved.

How large of a project can you handle and how small? What are your limits?

There is no size limit, whether the project is a bedroom remodel or on the grand scale of an urban multi-story development.

Can you be reached easily, quickly?

Prompt and speedy response is guaranteed. You can simply instant message through the website or call to leave a voice message if I'm unable to pick-up. You get a reply ASAP!

How is pricing assessed or negotiated?

Pricing is negotiated depending on the size, quantity and deadline provided. A down payment of 40% is needed to start the work, the remaining part after delivery. I ensure reasonable competitive pricing.

Do you offer discounts—say, for quantity/number of renderings?

Yes! Regular customers get special pricing.

How are payments transacted? Is there an upfront, a deposit?

I accept all kinds of payment: PayPal, major credit cards, checks (corporate/business). A down payment of 40% is required to start the work.

What if I'm not satisifed with the initial rendering(s)? Are do-overs extra?

Most adjustments present no problem and are part of the process without additional charges. Significant changes to the initial design concept can piggy-back on what's already done and are discussed at the time of revision. If after all is said and done you are not satisfied with results, there's no charge with a 100% money back guarantee.

Do I own the renderings outright after purchase?

Yes! They may be downloaded from the portfolio section when not otherwise restricted by you.

I have a project but it's hard to explain over the phone or email. Is it possible to meet and discuss the details?

Yes! I'm flexible and in-person meetings are welcome—we merely need to schedule one beforehand. I'm based in North Hollywood.

What file systems do you accept?

There are no compatibility issues. Whatever platform you are working from is accommodated.

I'm outside California and need your serivces, Can you assist?

Yes! my services are provided all over the 50 states as well as overseas ( Canada, Australia, Newzeland, Europe...).

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