DIMENSIONS also provides 3D modeling for as-built projects, enabling you to utilize an accurate,
fully modeled version of your project. I provide this service because it is so important for
construction companies and landscapers to present their work after the fact. You can be sure
models will perfectly match your finished work.

This is the perfect resource by which to build a portfolio of your work—everything I deliver is
modeled and rendered to the highest detail. Showcase what you accomplish with confidence just
as you wish it to be seen, a 100% accurate reflection of the design in stylish black and white.

It is so easy to visualize a new landscaping design around an existing property with the 3D
models of your project site. There’s no chance of mistakes, no missed measurements—just the
visual information needed to move ahead.

This service can create a fully-realized, seamless 3D mock-up through input from your images
and floor plan. I can also visit you or your client’s property and take thorough measurements.
Whichever your preferred route, a lasting, true-to-life 3D model of the project will be created. I
provide you with industry-grade results.

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