Know what a space looks and feels like before starting your project.

Using the latest 3D animation tools and software, DIMENSIONS can show you exactly how your
project will look from the inside—before you even break ground or purchase a single piece of
equipment. We work with you to design and create an exact 3D replica of your project space
prior to the brick and mortar. This allows you to:

                                       • Immerse yourself in the experience
                                       • try different design options
                                       • fully interrogate and test your design

With insight into your project from a 3D perspective, you can spot issues, reaffirm design choices
and gauge the feel before construction gets underway. Presented in the highest detail and
accuracy, you can analyze every facet of your project up close and truly see how it functions as a
The 3D animations from my studio enable you to walk or fly through the project from any
angle you desire.

Reach out today for your own 3D animation needs. DIMENSIONS provides industry-grade, fully
realized 3D animations that are perfect for use before and after projects.

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