Get unique insight into your projects with DIMENSIONS 360° VR renderings.

Uniting 3D design capabilities with Virtual Reality technology, DIMENSIONS 360° VR offers you a
fully panoramic view of your project. You can explore and experience every facet of your project
from the inside with unparalleled, 360° insight into your project and every single element it
contains. The best, high-tech simulation software is employed to put you in the scene.

These renderings can be viewed through VR glasses connected to your smartphone and other
VR tools—you view your project space from every angle as if you were standing inside the
finished build. This offers the ability to modulate your design and then validate it before the
project enters the costly construction phase. 

I know that to truly understand how a space will look is of huge value—not just to you and your
partners and stakeholders but your customers, too. That’s why I developed DIMENSIONS 360°
panoramic renderings—to put you inside your project space before it exists. You will fully explore
the environment and see every bit of detail up close in vivid color.
All 360° VR renderings are

created to the highest industry standards with a commitment to delivering ultimate project insight. That's before it’s even a reality.

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